New Programming: Yoga, Art, & Movement for Teen Boys

Photo credit: Sacred Chill West
Photo credit: Sacred Chill West

Yoga Art and Movement Camp for Teen Boys

Yoga, Art, and Movement ( YAM ) is a camp for teen boys that engages yoga to create a powerful educational experience for boys ages 13-15 to connect to themselves and others through daily yoga practices. The aim of this camp is for teen boys to actively contribute to their communities with the tools of mindfulness, yoga, and culturally relevant educational material, fostering creativity and awareness of who they are and how far they can go. Ultimately, the camp provides boys the opportunity to connect with both their communities and art through an embodied means, connecting content and experience kinetically through the practice of yoga.
Components of YAM Camp for Teen Boys
Modern yoga is a fluid movement and breath based practice that pulls on the commingling of ancient yogic techniques, Indian martial arts, and Western gymnastics and bodybuilding. Red Clay Yoga ( RCY ) sees an opportunity for creation and engagement with teen boys in Atlanta through this ever-evolving practice of yoga.
RCY places yoga at the center of this camp in order to facilitate educational concepts that may be new, exciting, disruptive, and relevant to their lived experiences. 
We want our daily yoga practices to be accessible to all levels of practitioners and a useful tool off the mat for deep reflection and active engagement in their respective communities. 
Additionally, the practice of meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness will serve as tools for understanding their inner-selves as humans that require social experience and communion with others for healthy, holistic maturation. 
YAM Camp’s curriculum is designed to give researches quantitative and qualitative results about the effectiveness of yoga and mindfulness as educational tools for teen boys. 
Through this curriculum that celebrates and encourages multiple literacies, campers will develop leaderships skills, tools to calm anxiety, and the confidence to look at the world for themselves.
A key educational module integrated into YAM Camp’s curriculum is how we co-create an environment that supports our teens curiosity, challenges, and desire to learn how art, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics impact their lives on a practical level.  We envision education a participatory practice facilitated through the medium yoga and urban exploration.

We are excited to offer our pilot program and invite Atlanta area boys ages 13-15 to apply!

Yoga, Movement, and Art

This survey was created to understand the needs of boys ages 13 - 15 in order to develop Yoga, Art, and Movement for Teen Boys.
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