Red Clay Yoga


Red Clay Yoga is committed to cultivating environments that utilize principles of yoga to facilitate learning and teaching within communities of practice.

Red Clay Yoga places yoga at the foundation of pedagogy, practice, and curriculum.

Focusing primarily on youth, marginalized communities, and their allies, Red Clay Yoga is dedicated to using yoga as a tool for education through training programs and community outreach.

Red Clay Yoga is guided by four major components:


Offering workshops, classes, and certification for adults and youth, Red Clay Yoga also conducts yoga teacher trainings throughout the year. In alignment with the requirements of Yoga Alliance®, Red Clay Yoga teacher trainings qualify you to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT).

With an emphasis on culturally responsive ways of practicing yoga with youth and marginalized communities, Red Clay Yoga provides unique trainings that concentrate on the needs of vulnerable communities.

Community Engagement

Red Clay Yoga is committed to providing on-site yoga classes for schools and community organizations. We facilitate workshops for parents, educators, and administrators interested in learning how to use yoga as a tool for teaching and learning.

Restorative Justice

Methods grounded in Restorative Justice are used as a way to facilitate discussions during yoga classes for youth and trainings for adults.

Restorative Justice allows Red Clay Yoga and its allies to maintain engagement with vulnerable populations and further our understanding and strengthen our commitment to the communities who we serve.


Red Clay Yoga’s unique literacy component integrates yoga as a foundation to deepen our awareness of the multiple experiences shared within communities of practice.