Yoga, Literature, & Art Camp

Founder and Co-director Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ph.D., created the program as a response to her literacy research that began when she was a classroom teacher and later developed within the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University where she received her doctorate. In 2013, Chelsea held the first Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp at Spelman and invited a diverse array of skilled yoga teachers daily to teach over the course of two weeks.

After taking a year off to develop curriculum and recruit additional teachers, Chelsea invited colleague and friend, Octavia Raheem (a former middle school language arts teacher) to serve as Co-director. Together and with the support of the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, a host of veteran and first year YLA teachers & eight volunteers; the duo facilitated a two week camp in partnership with the museum, working closely with the curator of education, Ms. Makeba Dixon-Hill.

Why the Small Numbers? 

During the most recent term, Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp received over 60 applications from girls across Georgia and Florida; however, the amount of participants is capped at 14 girls per session in order to maintain the integrity of the program and the ability to realistically provide the support each YLA participant needs. It is not our vision to increase the amount of participants per session, but the amount of sessions per term.

Branches: A Glimpse Inside YLA Camp 2015

Over the course of the two weeks, participants explore the work of Women of Color throughout the diaspora including: Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Audre Lorde, and even contemporary artists like Janelle Monaé.

In addition to literature and art, YLA camp participants experienced yoga practices grounded in Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kemetic Yoga, Classical Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. By the end of the two weeks, participants were able to provide instruction poetically and many even expressed interest in becoming a 200 hour certified yoga teacher.

Restorative Justice and Healthy Dialogue

Another component important to Chelsea during the early stages and development of YLA was a dedication to mutual respect within the YLA community. Grounded in a practice of healthy dialogue, Chelsea borrows from Indigenous communities and the field of Restorative Justice by intentionally making space for all voices to be heard during discussions and the sharing of literature. Both Chelsea and Octavia teach from a pedagogy that encourages agency and autonomy for both adults and youth within the YLA community.

Cultivating Community Through Yoga 

In the summer of 2015, Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp added a community component to the program and invited family, friends, the Spelman community, and multiple yoga communities across Atlanta to observe and interact with our YLA space on the final day.

Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp has been featured in the June issue of Yoga Journal, Inside Spelman, the Spelman Connection, and featured on the home page of the official Spelman College website. Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp will continue to provide this service at no charge for participants (minus a minimal fee for materials) as long as we receive support from our communities. Learn how to support Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp here.