Jemar Raheem

I am an Urbanite. I love the woods I was born in the city of Boston. I was raised by the hustle and bustle that dominates the landscape.

Atlanta, Georgia is my current geographical base of operations. Sunrises over the skyline, mid day meet-ups at a coffee house, and moon lit dinners with my family and friends on the patio have become staples of my city life. However the woods, the forest, the earth still beckons.

I am an introvert. I have a naturalist intelligence; I find and create connections between people and the natural environment.I dig intentional quiet moments.

Those times when I get to realize how exponential my capacity is. I enjoy easy access to the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Cohutta wilderness to the north. Wild spaces have offered so much more to me than unfettered beauty and solitude. Wild spaces have offered me: Increased intelligence The complexities of walking upon the earth are acutely present when hiking and demand interaction and understanding.

By honing my intelligence in this practice I have become more intentional about all pursuits. Enduring strength and wellness A long strenuous hike on Saturday makes Mondays work much lighter. I am always amazed. There is a special alchemy of rich fresh air, several thousand feet of elevation exchange, lots of water, and a quick T-storm( did I mention water) to really re tune my system.

Strong and balanced, I am ready for every day of the week. Purpose I always find new connections to my purpose when outdoors. With each step there is something to be gained. Being aware keeps me receptive to those connections.