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How to analyze an op-ed? 6 crucial steps


An analysis is difficult. No questions here. 

I mean you gotta read a paper and read it again then look for arguments then make a note on quotes then look for patterns and urgh. It’s exhausting.

But, in the end, it is all worth it. Really and truly worth it.

All that hard work and effort pays off. I mean, if you are an online essay writer then you will know what I am talking about. Writing essays, much like analysis is a tough cookie to crack.

It also requires you to dedicate yourself to a piece of paper. 

But once you are done, you will be satisfied. That is if you know how to write an essay or an analysis. This is the key here.

You need to know how things are done. Like, do you know of those “essay writer online” services? How do those writers know EXACTLY what you want? How do they write so well?

That is because they know exactly how to write an analysis. And so do I. This is why I will tell you how you can analyze an op-ed. An opinion piece, if you will.

Here is how it goes…

Tip #1: Investigate

Like, really, truly investigate.

Ever since the circulation of news began, there has been an effort to change public opinion in one way or the other. Like, in 1869 a cartoon was created to show that everyone has the right to vote.

So, yeah, changing public opinion is a thing that has been going on for some time now and people try to do this by giving partial truths and even false information.

So, investigate. 

Tip #2: Uncover

What do you need to uncover? Like a lot.

Ever since the age of technology began, the effort of investigation has become harder. We are faced with fake profiles, deep fakes i.e., fake videos and fake images.

So, it is your job to uncover the wrong in the right. Like, don’t just believe anything that is written or shown in an op-ed. Go online and do a bit of research before you begin your analysis.

Tip #3: Engage

With the other side.

This means that just because an op-ed tells you that all non-Christians are evil does not mean that you have to believe it. The same goes for politics. Don’t just read an article and think that vaccinations are damaging.

What you need to do is engage with the other side. Look at both perspectives before you decide if the author is right or wrong. 

This engagement will bring you a better sense of understanding. You can opt for a college essay writer if it is not your piece of cake.

Tip #4: Check “Facts”

There are many times that these op-eds present opinions as facts. Or they make up facts. Or they present facts in such a manner that they lose their meaning.

This is pretty common, ok?

So, in order to assess how authentic your author is, you need to see if they present the facts right. If not, then they are a liar and CANNOT be trusted at all. 

If yes, then you move forward to the next step. 

Tip #5: Assess “Opportunities”

Like, has the author provided the reader with the opportunity to check their information?

Many authors do this these days.

Like. if they mention a fact then they attach the link of the article on which they have found this information. Or they provide citations. This allows the reader to check their statements easily. 

This type of behavior is a show of honesty and integrity. If your author has not done this then maybe there is something fishy going on after all. 

As discussed earlier you always have the option of an essay writer service from which you can get some assistance.

Tip #6: Look for Mininfo Campaigns

Misinformation campaigns.

And there are many. This is especially linked with op-eds that deal with politics or public health or both. Like the COVID-19 virus and its subsequent vaccination process.

I mean, NO, vaccines do not kill your children. But you will probably find an op-ed that says just this. What you need to do is dismiss these types of articles. 

Or you can analyze them and debunk the claims in them. It's up to you.

Tip #7: Know the Difference Between Fact and Opinion

Just because the author has stated their opinion in the New York Times does not make it a fact.

The tone, style, and mood of the sentence or paragraph will let you know what is fact and what is the author’s belief. Once you can differentiate between these two, life will become easy for you.

It will make analyzing an op-ed so much easier because you can focus on the evidence presented by the author.

Tip #8: Effectiveness 

The effectiveness of the author’s argument.

Sure, they are writing an opinion piece but they must have SOMETHING to support their opinions. Like, some report, a study conducted on the subject, something that they heard in the news.

Apart from this, they may also have some emotional reason for their opinion. It all depends on the author but it's your job to see if they have effectively presented their argument. 

And, that's how you do it…

That’s how an op-ed is analyzed. I know it seems tough which is why I would say that you need to contact a online essay writing service. This is the best possible way for you to learn how to analyze an op-ed as quickly as possible. 

You can get an analysis in a few HOURS, and then you can use that analysis as a model paper. The perfect paper teaches you what is right and what is wrong.

So, go give it a go. 

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