zahra alabanza

Instructor, Third Year

zahra is a life enthusiast, which encompasses many things. She is a mother, activist, artist and adventure. A project starting, wandering, overlover, outdoor junkie who co-founder Red, Bike and Green-Atlanta and EarthSouls Wander. zahra is mastering the handstand and has happily resorted to enjoying life the way she did when she was 13 years old, unapologetically with tons of play.

After obtaining her yoga teaching certification in 2012, zahra wasted no time finding a space for her yoga offerings. In Summer 2012, she introduced students of the Clark Atlanta University Upward Bound program to yoga. In Fall 2012 she brought yoga to the Chicago based wellness center, Sage Community Health Collective, via a 5 month yoga residency program that she created. In Atlanta, zahra started a community yoga series at the oldest feminist bookstore in the Southeast, Charis Books and more, has taught at the Yoga Literature and Art Camp and opened a home wellness space called OrangeMoon Sanctuary.

As a yoga practitioner and instructor she is committed to making a yogic life accessible to as many folks as possible. By creating OrangeMoon Sanctuary she is able to do so for the communities that she loves and lives among. By utilizing yoga practices to bring communities together in wellness she believes that a community’s overall vibration (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) can soar. Her hope is to maximize the potential of OrangeMoon Sanctuary to ignite yoga practices in all that show interest.

You can learn more about zahra’s personal yogic journey through her feature as Yogi in the Community at www.chealsealovesyoga.